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Novastar LED Control Software Download

Novastar LED Control Cards hardware data Download. Novastar Video Player Software SMARTLCT, Novastar Synchronous Control Software NOVALCT-MARS, NovaStudio, Novastar Asynchronous Control Software PlutoManager, NovaLCT-Pluto, NovaSign for Android and NovaShow Donwload.

Novastar Control Software Download SmartLCT, NovaLCT-Mars, NovaStudio, PlutoManager, NovaLCT-Pluto, NovaSing Download.

1 . Novastar Vidoe Player Controller

1.1 Novastar LED Video Player Controller Software Download

1.1.1 SmartLCT V3.0 for MAC Computer Download

1.1.2 SmartLCT V3.0 for Windows Computer Download

2. Novastar Synchronous Control System Software Download

2.1 Novastar Synchronous Controller Hardware Update Package Download

2.1.1 MCTRL660 Hardware Update Package Download

2.1.2 MCTRL600 Hardware Update Package Download

2.1.3 MCTRL300 Hardware Update Package Download

3. Novastar Asynchronous Control Software

3.1 PlutoManager V5.0.1 Download

3.2 NovaLCT-Pluto V5.0.1 Download

4. Novastar Tool Software Download

4.1 Framework 4.0 Download

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