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goldluckled EA1000C3 Indoor P3.91 Rental LED Screen Sent to Bahrain


As a professional LED display manufacturer, we are very honored to receive an order from a customer in Bahrain. He ordered 240 pieces of P3.91 indoor 500x1000mm LED screens.


The EA1000C3 rental LED display adopts a special heat dissipation structure to ensure excellent heat dissipation effect. Compared with traditional designs, our display has a fanless design, which enables completely silent operation and avoids any noise interference. In addition, in order to protect the integrity of the LEDs, each corner is equipped with four corner guards, which effectively prevents damage to the LEDs during transportation, installation, and operation. At the same time, we also specially designed a folding cabinet to make the transportation, installation and disassembly of LED screens safer and more convenient.


The module size of the LED display is 250mm*250mm, and the cabinet size is 500mm*1000mm. This size design not only facilitates assembly and maintenance, but also effectively saves space. We pay attention to details and always put quality first. From material selection to production process, we insist on strict control to ensure that the LED display screen has stable performance and excellent picture effects.


As a manufacturer, we have high requirements for the quality of our products. From product design to production and manufacturing, we aim to provide high-quality products and excellent services. We select high-quality raw materials, conduct strict quality inspections, and adopt advanced production processes and technologies to ensure the quality of each LED screen is stable and reliable. We believe that only through continuous pursuit of excellence can we win the trust and support of our customers.


In summary, we thank our Bahraini customers for their trust and support in our products. We will continue to work hard to continuously improve product quality and technical level to provide customers with better LED display products and services. Looking forward to creating a better future with you!

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