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Outdoor front desk service LED display waterproof test

The waterproof ability of the outdoor front desk service LED display is one of the key points of this product. In order to test its waterproof performance, we conducted rigorous waterproof testing and inspected its internal circuits and components.


First, we use a transport truck to transport the LED display to the testing area. There, we pulled up the tarp to simulate a heavy rain scene outside. Then, we turned on the timer and water source switch, and sprayed a large amount of water on the LED display.


The box adopts a fully sealed design, which is the key to achieving a high protection level. Its sealing performance is very reliable and can effectively prevent external wind, rain, dust and moisture from intruding into the internal circuit. Therefore, even under severe weather conditions, such as strong winds, heavy rain, etc., the EA45F LED display can operate normally without any interference.

At the same time, this high protection level design can also extend the service life of the LED display. Dust-proof and moisture-proof performance can effectively reduce the corrosion of internal circuits and components by dust and water vapor, thereby protecting the stability and reliability of the screen. This is especially important for outdoor applications, which often present additional challenges.


During the test, we also opened the casing of the LED display to further check its waterproof performance. Fortunately, we found that there were no signs of water in the LED power supply, LED receiving card, wires and other internal components. This fully proves that the waterproof effect of the cabinet is excellent and reliable.


In general, the outdoor front desk service LED display has excellent waterproof capabilities. Its fully sealed design and high protection level allow it to operate normally in harsh outdoor environments while also extending its service life. This provides users with a more stable and reliable display solution that performs well whether in outdoor events or advertising displays.

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