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640X480 P2mm Indoor Front Service LED Display To Malaysia

640X480mm P2mm indoor front maintenance LED display has excellent visual effects, natural and colorful images and clear video.640X480mm P2mm indoor front maintenance LED display has larger size, lower price and higher cost performance.P2mm indoor front maintenance LED screen is mainly used in schools, hospitals, stations, airports, shopping malls, commercial centers, government agencies, military headquarters, exhibition halls and other places, can be used for indoor information release, video conference, advertising information broadcast Video media equipment, as well as on stage, movie theaters, studios, bars, KTV, nightclubs and other places also shine.

Goldluck P2mm indoor front maintenance LED display adopts die-cast aluminum cabinet design, which can completely display the image screen, seamless infinite splicing of any size, ultra-quiet and fanless design, more energy-saving, meet the needs of different places. It has many functions, as follows:

The function of indoor maintenance P2mm LED display:

Pixel configuration: SMD1515

Module resolution (pixel): 160X80

Module size (mm): 320X160

Cabinet size (mm): 640X480

Number of cabinets:25

Cabinet material: die-cast aluminum

Density (Pixels/m2): 250,000

Brightness (CD/㎡):≥800

Cabinet weight (KG): 8

Refresh frequency (Hz): ≥3,840

Grayscale level (Bits): 14

Advantages of P2mm LED display before indoor maintenance:

1. Using high-quality driver IC, fanless design, no noise, low power consumption, can be used in the temperature range of -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃.
2. High-quality pixel configuration SMD1515 and black lamp beads make the LED screen more uniform, better stability, and can better display the display color of the screen.
3. High refresh rate up to 3840Hz, gray level up to 14 (Bits), the display quality is clear and true, and the video is bright and smooth.
4. The die-casting aluminum cabinet makes the LED display with high precision, high hardness and high strength.
5. Seamless splicing, the splicing error between cabinets is within 0.1mm, easy to install, and can be made into any shape according to user requirements.
6. Fast lock fixing structure, no need for tools to complete the splicing operation.
7. Ultra-thin and ultra-light: single cabinet 8KG, thickness 130mm.
8. 120° super wide viewing angle, the audience can obtain high-quality and high-definition LED display effects at various angles.
8. 120°super wide viewing angle, the audience can obtain high-quality and high-definition LED display effects at various angles.
9. Low energy consumption, high heat dissipation performance and long service life.
10. Uniform color, high contrast, high gray scale, high refresh frequency and strong stability.
11. Adopt MRV366 receiving card and VX6S video processor.

Unique cabinet structure:

Goldluck P2mm indoor front maintenance LED display die-cast aluminum frame design, ultra-light, ultra-thin screen, save space, save cost and time, easy to transport and carry.

Low energy consumption, strong heat dissipation and long life:

Goldluck P2mm indoor front maintenance LED Display, neat internal layout, excellent layout of data cable, power cord, power supply and control card, ultra-quiet fanless design, no noise when working, LED display back cover has independent cooling function .

Quick lock screen design:

Goldluck P2mm indoor front maintenance LED Display has a humanized quick-lock design, which makes the LED display easy to install. The side lock is used to tighten the cabinet during installation to reduce the gap between the cabinets, thereby making the screen seamless.

Seamless stitching:

Quick lock, positioning lock design and other functions make the EAGER P2mm indoor front maintenance LED Display seamlessly spliced, and the entire LED display presents excellent vivid images and videos to the viewer.

P2mm indoor front maintenance LED display application:

Goldluck P2mm indoor front maintenance LED Display is dedicated to the field of high-definition LED display, mainly used for stage LED display, high-definition LED display, LED video display, advertising LED display, fashion show, shopping center, government, wedding, festival Activities and so on.

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