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3.2×0.96m P1.86 SMD1515 Front Service LED Display To Germany

We have just finished the production of a 3.2×0.96m P1.86 front service LED Display for our Germany customer. Even though the whole screen size is not big, the display effect is good. All of us like it when it is under testing at our workshop.

Rear side of the 320x160mm P1.86 LED module

 Front side of the P1.86 LED module

Front side of 640x480mm die-cast cabinet

Back side of the 640x480mm front service cabinet

Back side of the whole P1.86 LED screen. Besides the LED screen, we also provide the frame structure for installation.

The 640x480mm cabinets are mounted to the structure by the four strong magnets on the back of the cabinet. The installation is easy and fast.

Now please have a look at the pictures when the Germany P1.86 LED screen is under testing at our workshop.

What is more, we have taken a video of the P1.86 LED display. Please watch this video.

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