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P8 EA250F Outdoor 960x960mm LED Advertising Screen Sent To UAE

A customer from the UAE ordered 75 pieces of P8 outdoor 960x960mm LED advertising screens from us. The LED screen in the video consists of 22 pieces of 960x960mm advertising LED screens. The installation size of the LED display is 1.92×10.56mm, the display area is huge, and the display effect is amazing. Thanks to the strong support of our customers, we will continue to work hard to produce high-quality products that meet customer needs.
High Quality P8 960x960mm outdoor LED Module

The module size is 320x320mm, and the refresh rate reaches3840Hz, which can match high-quality cabinets.

Receive Card

Adopt high-quality new Nova receiving card MRV412

Power Supply

The power supply is CZCL A-300A-5

Input :200-240VAC 3.8A

Output:5V 60A

P8 EA250F outdoor 960x960mm LED advertising screen sent to UAE

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