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P5.33 Outdoor Advertising LED Display Sent To Dubai

      A customer from Dubai ordered 36 pieces of P5.33 outdoor 960x960mm EA320F outdoor advertising LED displays from us. The installation size of these display screens is 1.92×17.28m, and the display area is very large. Its amazing display effect will definitely bring excellent display effect to customers.



The EA320F outdoor LED display adopts a front-end maintenance design, including LED modules, power supplies, receiving cards, hub cards and cables. This design makes the maintenance of the equipment more convenient and saves time and labor costs. In addition, the high-efficiency cooling system enables the EA320F outdoor fixed LED display to quickly cool down, thereby ensuring its long-term stable operation.


The standard size of these displays is 960x960mm, they are designed to work outdoors in 24/7, and have an IP65 dust and water resistance rating, which can resist the impact of inclement weather on the device. This means that whether it is hot summer, windy and rainy weather, or freezing cold weather, these displays can operate stably, ensuring the coherence and stability of advertising messages.



The weight of the EA320F outdoor fixed LED display box is only 40kg, and the thickness is only 150mm. The cabinet is made of aluminum alloy, which makes it have higher strength and stability. In addition, the cabinets of these displays are compact and easy to install. Just use the quick lock function to realize fast installation and uninstallation without any professional skills.


As a wealthy and creative city, Dubai has a huge demand for high-quality and high-performance LED displays. By ordering 36 pieces of P5.33 outdoor 960x960mm EA320F outdoor advertising LED displays, Dubai customers will be able to better display their advertising content and brand image to attract more eyes and attention.


All in all, Dubai customers ordered 36 pieces of P5.33 outdoor 960x960mm EA320F outdoor advertising LED displays from us, which have huge display area and amazing display effect. With front-end maintenance, efficient heat dissipation and all-weather dustproof and waterproof design, these displays will bring customers stable and reliable performance. At the same time, its quick installation and uninstallation features make the installation process easier. It is believed that these display screens will become a highlight of Dubai’s outdoor advertising industry, provide better means of promotion for enterprises, and add more splendor to this charming city.

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