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GoldluckLED Indoor Three-Sided LED Screen Has Shown Excellent Advertising Effect In The Application Of Italian Customers

Italian customers are very satisfied with our indoor three-sided LED screen. This LED display uses a pixel pitch of P2.97, and the size of each screen is 750x250mm. It is mounted on top of a vending machine with a lot of traffic, displaying advertising content on three sides, and the display effect is very good.


First of all, the pixel pitch of P2.97 makes the display effect of this LED screen very delicate and clear. High pixel density and high brightness LED lamp beads enable the picture to show details and maintain the authenticity of colors. This makes the advertising content appear more vivid and attractive on the LED screen.


Secondly, the three-sided display design of the LED screen can maximize the attention. Through the display of advertisements in three directions, no matter whether customers approach the vending machine from the front or the side, they can see the advertisement content. This all-round display method can improve the exposure rate of advertisements, increase the contact times of audiences, and effectively convey advertisement messages.


At the same time, the size of each side of the LED display screen is 750x250mm, which is very suitable for the top installation of the vending machine. It won’t be too big to take up too much space, but it won’t be too small to display the ad content effectively. This suitable size design not only ensures the display effect of the advertisement, but also does not hinder the normal operation of the vending machine.


Most importantly, Italian customers are very satisfied with the advertising effect of this three-sided LED display. The content of the advertisement is rich and varied, which can attract the attention of the audience and improve the communication effect of the advertisement. Whether it is product advertisements, promotional information, or brand promotion, LED screens can display the advertising content to the audience in a full and vivid way to achieve the best publicity effect.


In short, the P2.97 indoor three-sided LED screen has shown excellent advertising effects and user experience in the application of Italian customers. Through high-definition picture quality, diversified advertising content and all-round display design, LED display screens have successfully attracted consumers’ attention in vending machines with a large flow of people. We are very grateful to our customers for their support and recognition of our products, and will continue to strive to provide high-quality LED screen products and excellent services.

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